Still working Major Tom

In honor of the eclipse, I will characterize my current writing style as a gaseous primordial ball of characters held together by weak gravitational forces surrounding minute dirty iced fragments of plot that I hope will coalesce into a cohesive story.

Yes- I am at that place where if I reach out my fingers I can barely touch the finish, but there are so many disparate plot issues and things that need fixing I start to doubt if I will ever finish.

So, all systems are running smoothly and per expectation for this part of the WIP:)

Hope y’all have a lovely week. I’m off to wrangle a stardust-glittered set of ideas into a real story.
Until next time-

*Musical choice for the week- Bluegrass. Lots of bluegrass.

Ken, this one is for you.

Photo courtesy of inhabitat

So… I have been absent from the blog for awhile, a fact Ken Schrader called to my attention earlier this week. I would like to say that I wrote an entire novel in that time, but that is a lie.

We bought an RV.

My hubby has long stipulated that we needed a way to bug out of town quickly- for mental rejuvenation by changing the sight lines, or hiking a trail, or swimming in a mountain lake. I have always noticed an increase in my creative productivity when I am out in nature. Faith Hunter, a mentor to me, regularly posts about kayaking, has an RV, and recently posted an impressive pic on her Facebook page of her sitting with 2 computers in the cockpit of an RV working on her novel. I admit, I am a tent-camping snob. ┬áBut when we started seriously looking at RVs, my skepticism translated to let’s do this.

So, for all you peeps wondering where I’ve been, now you know. I’ll post some pics of our outdoor adventures when I can.

Until next time-