Guest post by Sarah Adams

Yes, a series is a commitment, and this is why we plan things.

This year at ConCarolinas I got to see the Con from a different angle – instead of being a panelist, I spent most of my con time behind the table in Author’s Alley. It was a fun experience, surprisingly restful, and eye opening too. One woman that stands out stopped by the booth four times over the course of the con. Each time she picked up a copy of my book, Changeling’s Fall, she seemed genuinely interested, but she didn’t buy. And every time she did this she asked the same question – are you really going to finish the series? She just didn’t want to invest in yet another series that was going to leave her hanging.

I promised her every time that yes, my co-author Emily Lavin Leverett and I would most certainly be finishing the series. But why should she take my word for it? If much more prominent authors than me have struggled to finish their series, how on earth could she trust a couple of newbies? For that matter, how do I know we really can finish this thing?

Planning. That’s how. Emily and I have gotten really good over the years at planning out the novels we write. We draw up outlines, we sketch character arcs on big pieces of paper, we put scene lists on the wall and check them for holes. We know where this is going. It’s the only way we’ve found to keep ourselves coordinated and on track.

Just as importantly, planning keeps the creative juices flowing. When I don’t particularly feel like writing I don’t have to stare at a blank page wondering what to do next. Instead I’ve got a whole set of writing prompts ready to go – just pick a scene off the list and write it. Works every time.

Book 2 was turned in to our editor a week after ConCarolinas wrapped up. The very next day, we started outlining Book 3. And that’s how I know this series is going to get finished.

Sarah Joy Adams, along with Emily Lavin Leverett, is the author of Changeling’s Fall – Book One of the Eisteddfod Chronicles which is available on Amazon in Kindle and hard copy formats. The audiobook version will be available soon. Sarah lives in southern California with her husband, her son, two cats, and a hyper-alert little dog. She advises you to revise your writing instead of renovating your house. It costs less and causes less stress.


I saw these ladies work, and it is impressive. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series!
Until next time,


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