Countdown to the Muse- otherwise known as a mid-winter getaway to the Caribbean

Ladies and gents-

Can you smell the salty air? Can you feel the gentle rush of the Trade Winds across your bare arms? Well, I can’t either right this moment, but soon, that is about to change!
Due to a welcome strange set of circumstances, I will travel to the Jewel of the Caribbean this winter.
(For those of you who have not read my book, that would be Nevis)
Travel always invigorates my creative side, providing a needed shot of adrenaline to the writerly productivity. Work, life, the general unpleasantness of things tend to weigh heavy at times. I feel lucky to have this opportunity for a brief respite, if for no other reason than I need to conduct some research on Brimstone Hill fortress. 
What makes you want to write? Is it travel, vacation, rainy days or Sundays? Whilst you ponder that answer, I need to pack. 
A bientôt-